Why Flitter?
100% free dating app. 100% free video dates. Zero d@!ck pics. Need we say more?
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About Flitter

We founded Flitter to bring delight back to dating. With Flitter, it’s fun, fast, and safe to meet new people locally or across the world. Flit from virtual Zoom to Zoom to make instant or fleeting connections.

Flitter is totally safe. Because safety matters more than ever.

Flitter is founded and owned by women. We know how hard dating can be. So we decided to reinvent dating altogether.

No more chatting back and forth forever. No need to wrack your brain trying to be clever or someone you’re not. There’s no chat function at all!

No more shocking first dates where you take forever to get ready, drive across town, only to discover you have zero chemistry in the first five seconds.

Life’s too short for a terrible dating experience.

Flitter here, flitter there. It’s fun. It’s fast. It’s time to be social again.

Flitter—it’s the future of dating.